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Lexi-17-tallahasseeFlorida-whUUUteva...why can't we all just get along? peace love and equality. ~~~sending good vibes your way~~~

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I haven’t been on here in forever.


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life is such a gift!

by accident of birth we were all brought to this planet~we all need to make the best of it and live how we want. with love, there are infinite possibilities.

take life by the hand and run with it~until you are fully satisfied with every molecule of your being. that’s the challenge. now go my friend, and come to me when you have succeeded :’) good luck and I love you

summer is a weird time

im really not sure what i want to do….. i honestly just feel like chilling the fuck out-getting high-hula hooping-not shit else. but then another part of me still wants to go to rage-do molly-get fuxxxxxxxxxed up-but its so so bad for meeeee. idk. meh. im too weird of a person to exist normally. i dont get it! i would just love to travel for a month or so, completely on my own. make new friends and be myself. idkidkidk


The “Tunnel of Love” in Ukraine

(via blackpeoplewhitecats)


i feel like i should post about my acid trip last week before i forget all the lessons learned… i feel enlightened. maybe later. i feel inclined to watch friends and procrastinate. 

humans are exceptionally craZy creatures

the mind——-is..!NSAne

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