the fox's den

Lexi-17-tallahasseeFlorida-whUUUteva...why can't we all just get along? peace love and equality. ~~~sending good vibes your way~~~

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I’m so sick of boys and all the bullshit that comes along with them. x_x I’m done with the ‘bad boys’. Someone nice needs to come along and change my view on the male race.

saw bassnectar sunday

satisfied with life ^.^ things are going well

negative energy is useless entropy

~~~~happy vibez

did so much molly lastnight

had a wonderfululululullllll night. but i. did. not. keep. hydrated. ah i feel terrible-_-

but whoever that boy was that i kissed at episodes—-i hope i see him again ah :)))

take me somewhere beautiful

we can run away and be together forever, doesnt that sound nice?

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